Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions. If there is questions you have that is not listed here, please call us at Office: 610.494.3098 Cell: 610.220.5225 (You may call or text Cell), or e-mail us at

Do I need to provide equipment and cleaning supplies?
We provide our own quality equipment and cleaning supplies. If you have a product that you prefer, and we do not carry it, we would be happy to use yours.

What if I can�t be home during the cleaning?
Most of our clients can�t be home during the cleaning. Our clients give us instructions on how to enter their homes. When clients give us keys, we can assure them with a strict policy that their names and addresses are not on the keys. In the rare event that we lose a key, we would have a qualified person come that day and change your locks.

What time will you be there to clean the house?
Clients on a regular schedule are kept on �same day, same time� range. If we have problems with time, we will call and ask for an alternate time range that is possible for the client.

Who will be cleaning my home?
We try to have the same team at your house every time. This varies only when someone is sick or takes days off. All of us at House Hens are committed to our clients and work to ensure satisfaction.

How do I prepare my home for the cleaning?
Try to organize your things so that our time can be better spent on actual cleaning. If you are in need of us organizing your things, we certainly can accommodate you.

How do I pay for my cleaning?
We ask that you leave cash or a check made out to House Hens on the kitchen counter, or you may want to pay by credit card.

Can I change my scheduled cleaning appointment?
We always want to accommodate you. We are happy to make changes to the schedule whenever possible.

What if something is damaged or broken during the cleaning?
House Hens will replace or fix any items. We carry a good liability insurance policy in the event a situation is very costly.

Do your prices include everything, such as taxes, insurances, and employee-related details?
Yes. House Hens takes care of all this for you.

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Office: 610.494.3098 Cell: 610.220.5225 (You may call or text Cell)